20 Most Promising DDoS Solution Providers 2016

The corporate world is constantly getting smarter by leveraging the latest internet technology advancements. Information sharing has over the years witnessed a gradual displacement of paper with digital becoming the dominant and favored medium. While, undeniably, this transition has boosted communications within and between enterprises, it has also made it a lot easier for hackers to breach an enterprise and disrupt these communications, curtailing business operations. Attackers infiltrate an enterprise’s Domain Name System (DNS)—freezing the network or infecting the DNS with botnets.

Company Name

Company Description

A10 Networks Provides high-performance solutions that detect and mitigate multivector DDoS attacks at the network edge
Arbor Networks Secures the world's most demanding and complex networks from DDoS attacks and advanced threats
CDNetworks Through a combination of over 200 global PoP locations, its Anycast DNS methodology and DDoS absorption infrastructure responds automatically to unusual traffic spikes
Cloudflare Provides advanced DDoS protection, provisioned as a service at the network edge
Corero Network Security Provides real-time, high-performance DDoS defense solutions
Imperva A global provider of data and application security solutions that protect business-critical information in the cloud and on-premises
L7 Defense A firm that offers a platform for mitigating sophisticated, large scale, DDoS attacks automatically and efficiently in real time
Labris Networks Helps users to mitigate smart Layer 7 DDoS attacks
LookingGlass Cyber Solutions A cyber-security software company helping organizations protect against targeted attacks
MazeBolt Strengthening resistance to cyber attacks
Network Box USA Provides Managed Security Service to combat DDoS attacks for a myriad of industries
Neustar Neustar offers flexible solutions so businesses can stay connected, reduce the threat of theft, and protect the bottom line
Nexusguard Provides protection against a multitude of threats, including DDoS attacks, to ensure uninterrupted internet service
NSFOCUS The company offers industry-leading solutions for anti-DDoS, web security, and enterprise-level network security
Radware Delivers cyber security solutions for virtual, cloud and software defined data centers
Sharktech Designs, develops, and supports advanced DDoS protection and web technologies
SiteLock Delivers 360-degree website security solution to find, fix and prevent malware and other threats from affecting websites and their visitors
Staminus Specializes in DoS and DDoS attack protection and mitigation
Verisign Enables Internet navigation for many recognized domain names and provides protection for websites and enterprises
Zenedge Helps secure web sites, web applications, and networks against vulnerabilities and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks